Feb 28, 2019

Friend, Foe or Frenemy: Unpacking Online Shopping

Friend, Foe, Frenemy

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With online shopping on the rise, manufacturers and retailers are left wondering if services like Click and Collect and subscription deliver incremental sales for their brand & category? Or, are they cannibalizing in-store purchases? 

Join us for an exclusive webinar in which we take a look at what’s driving the growth in eCommerce CPG sales, how different categories are affected on and offline, and how shoppers are behaving. We’ll answer the questions below (and more): 

  • How valuable are trips online compared to in-store trips for different categories
  • How does brand loyalty change on and offline
  • Why is winning a shopper’s first trip online so important
  • What are the new laws of online shopping that manufacturers and retailers must understand
  • How you can partner with retail or manufacturer partners to grow on and offline

Powered by the InfoScout OmniPanelTM, the only consumer purchase panel that provides a connected view into household spending across in-store and online channels, Numerator is the only market intelligence firm that can provide you answers to these questions (and more!). 

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