Success Story
Sep 18, 2018

Integrating Powerful Data for Better ROI

Numerator developed a turnkey solution with MillerCoors that allowed the beverage company to integrate sales data with feature ad data within Numerator’s promotions (formerly FeatureVision), making a more efficient process for increased marketing effectiveness.

Data by itself is useless. Data is only useful if you apply it.”  This statement, made by former Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Todd Park, holds true for many companies. When it comes to data gathering and analysis, many times companies find that the challenge is not in the collection of data, but in the application.

Such was the case for the No. 2 U.S. brewer, MillerCoors, LLC (“MillerCoors”). Analytics teams at MillerCoors had no trouble amassing large amounts of data around their ad placements. The trick was figuring out how to apply that data to help retailers form ad placement strategies.

Unlocking Data’s Potential

The MillerCoors analytics teams began tackling this challenge by taking a deeper dive into their ad data. “We had been using Numerator’s promotions solution for some time and were impressed with the data we were able to gather from it,” said Jim Webb, director of customer solutions operations at MillerCoors. But looking at just ad counts was not enough - MillerCoors analysts began using promotion data in combination with Nielsen data to pull apart ad boxes to determine which ads were working, and which were not. 

This process proved very valuable, but also very time-consuming. “We lacked an efficient process,” said Sheldon Kail, director of customer solutions at MillerCoors. “Our analysts were forced to manually pull Nielsen data and match it up to individual ad boxes. This was costing them two to three days per week.”

Increasing Data’s Effectiveness

With challenges like this in mind, the Customer Solutions team at MillerCoors decided to seek out a vendor that could provide a new program centered around:

  • Automation: MillerCoors analysts were spending far too much time manually pulling data. “We needed an automated process that would allow us to pull all necessary data from a single database,” said Kail.
  • Customization: The rollout strategy for the data automation solution - and the solution itself - needed to be customized to align with the standards of the MillerCoors brand as a whole.
  • User Engagement: Once the solution was developed, MillerCoors needed a vendor who could assist with training and adoption. When evaluating vendors, this area was a key focus point for Webb. “We wanted to find a vendor who could not only develop a cutting-edge data automation solution, but also train our teams on how to use it,” said Webb. “Because, ultimately, you can develop new solutions and capabilities all day long. But if you can’t train your teams to use them effectively with your customers, you’re wasting a great deal of time and money.”
  • Thought Leadership:  Finally, MillerCoors needed a vendor who could come to the table with a solution for today’s challenges, in addition to a roadmap outlining future strategy recommendations.
Numerator was light years ahead of other vendors when it came to analytical capabilities, strategic thinking and using powerful insights to consistently drive a program forward.
Sheldon Kail, Director of Customer Solutions, MillerCoors

Choosing the Right Data Partner

After a vendor selection process that spanned several months, MillerCoors decided to continue its relationship with Numerator and selected them as the vendor to build out a new data automation program. The customized program Numerator developed for MillerCoors included:

  • A POS Integration Solution: Numerator built a POS integration solution for MillerCoors that allowed them to align sales data with promotional activities. The solution was in development for approximately three months and then field tested for an additional three months. Once it came time for implementation, Webb indicated only a few days were needed, as the solution Numerator designed for MillerCoors was so intuitive.
  • Both Webb and Kail agree: The POS integration solution’s benefits were far-reaching. “It gave the analysts much needed time back in their days,” said Webb.
  • “What used to take upward of eight hours can now be completed in 30 minutes. Because of this solution, our analysts can now focus their attention on using the data gleaned to create a more robust story including actionable insights into what’s driving business.”
  • Staff and Client Training:  Following implementation, Numerator worked with MillerCoors to create a training curriculum. This curriculum aimed to ensure everyone was onboard with the solution and understood how best to use it. And Numerator’s focus on training paid off: After only a few days of testing, MillerCoors’ teams began integrating the solution into their daily routines. “What’s more, after only one week, staff members had abandoned their prior ways of working and transitioned over to the new solution,” said Webb.
  • Long-Term Capabilities: Numerator’s program for MillerCoors came equipped with a future plan outlining the solution’s capability build-outs for years one, two and three. Numerator’s continual focus on future improvements and strategy enhancements stood out during the vendor selection process. “Numerator was light years ahead of other vendors when it came to analytical capabilities, strategic thinking and using powerful insights to consistently drive a program forward,” said Kail.

Looking Ahead

Since the launch of the POS integration solution, also known as Numerator’s Ad Performance Suite, the relationship between Numerator and MillerCoors has continued to strengthen. Webb and Kail agree that the overall program and Numerator’s capabilities exceeded their expectations. Specifically, Webb has been impressed with Numerator’s ability to develop a deep understanding of the MillerCoors brand strategy. “Numerator has such a solid grasp on what our challenges and opportunities are,” said Webb. “When we present a new challenge to Numerator, they know how to implement a strategy with ‘the MillerCoors Advantage.’”

MillerCoors has been so impressed with Numerator’s work to date that they presented them with the Vendor of the Year Award for Sales and Marketing in 2016. “This isn’t necessarily an easy award to win since the category includes vendors from all areas of sales and marketing,” said Kail. “Numerator was very deserving of this award and we’re excited to see what the future holds.”