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Sep 18, 2018

How Numerator Helped Nike to Up Their MAP Game

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Numerator teamed up with Nike to help the sportswear and equipment giant develop a more holistic approach to its MAP policy and procedures

The proliferation of online marketplaces means consumers can compare and contrast promotions from hundreds of retailers with only a few clicks of the mouse. While keeping up with these promotions is becoming easier and easier for consumers, it is becoming a more complex job for manufacturers – especially given all the advertising channels currently available. The rise in advertising channels means there is no better time for manufacturers to not only establish, monitor and update their minimum advertised price (MAP) policy and procedures, but to also coordinate their advertising across channels. It is this focus on cross-channel coordination that prompts one of the world’s largest suppliers of athletic shoes, apparel and equipment – Nike, Inc. – to continually evolve its MAP strategy. “We were looking to find a vendor who could help us get a clearer picture of what our retailers were doing in the marketplace,” said Nike, Inc.’s Marketplace Manager. “Essentially, we wanted to partner with a vendor that could help us ensure the same story was being told across all channels.”

We were looking to find a vendor who could help us get a clearer picture of what our retailers were doing in the marketplace.
Nike, Inc.’s Marketplace Manager

Choosing a Teammate

Nike had an established MAP policy in place and was working with a company to track and collect marketplace data using Google Shopping. When it came time to look for a partner to help monitor how MAP was applied across retail partners, Nike found many potential vendors that could provide MAP policy and eCommerce monitoring; however, the company was looking for a vendor that could take these services one step further by offering:

A 360-degree view of the marketplace:

Nike was looking to get a better handle on Nike product advertising occurring in all channels, such as online display advertising, print circulars, TV, social media, radio, online marketplaces, and mobile.

First response services:

The company was looking to become less reliant on the field and instead partner with a vendor who could alert them to any advertising outside of its MAP policy right away.

A completely customizable program:

Due to the high volume of Nike products, retailers and sellers, the company needed to find a partner who could provide customized reports in a timely manner. “We needed to find a vendor who didn’t simply provide us with a cookie-cutter program, but would allow us to build our own machine instead,” said the Nike team.

Creating a Gameplan

When it came time to select a vendor, Nike was very impressed by Numerator’s ability to monitor advertising across all channels. “This omni-channel view would allow us to ensure our retailers were in compliance with the MAP policy we had already established,” said the Nike team.

Once Numerator was selected as Nike’s vendor of choice, a contract was signed between the two organizations in November 2014. In just three months, Numerator was able to:

  • Provide a full list of MAP pricing exceptions
  • Compile all pricing exception information into downloadable dashboards that were customized to Nike’s changing needs
  • Use dashboard information to create insights for Nike’s team

Nike was not only pleased with the speed in which Numerator produced such valuable information and insights, they were also appreciative of Numerator’s agility and adaptability. For example, Nike makes a point to reevaluate its MAP policy every six months to ensure the procedures are working and addressing the ever-changing marketplace. According to the team, this reevaluation process can come equipped with its own set of challenges; however, Nike has been grateful for Numerator’s ability to adapt quickly to those shifts and make any necessary changes to the program.

This is something we’re very grateful for and it’s why we’ve continued to recommend Numerator to other organizations.
Nike, Inc.’s Director of Marketplace Management

Celebrating Success

The success of the program developed for Nike by Numerator can be seen in:

• The dramatic drop in MAP pricing exceptions: Though the number can vary week to week, Nike can safely say they have seen a significant drop in exceptions to its MAP policy across the board.

• Most importantly, Nike’s Director of Marketplace Management indicates that the excellent collaboration developed between Nike and Numerator and the continual enforcement of the MAP strategy has allowed Nike to remain in a leadership position. “This is something we’re very grateful for and it’s why we’ve continued to recommend Numerator to other organizations.”