Jan 25, 2019

Super Bowl Ad Teasers: Celebrities, Horses, and Giving Back

Check out some of the biggest brands who have already released teaser clips of their Super Bowl 2019 advertisements.

If you’re one of the 103.4 million people who watched the Super Bowl last year, you’re probably already gearing up for this year’s February 3rdgame. And if you’re like me who shows up strictly for the food and the half-time show, you’re probably already dreading having to watch all that gamejustfor Maroon 5. But one thing all viewers can agree on is the excitement around the commercials, and many brands have already been launching teasers in anticipation of their big-game commercials. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest brands who have already released short clips of their advertisements, and what they’re planning on showing viewers during the most popular football event of the year. From our favorite horses making an appearance again to a famous automobile commercial shifting their usual strategy, there are many advertisements to look forward to. 


Arguably the real star of the Super Bowl (sorry, Tom Brady) are the Clydesdale horses, and they’re back for this year’s Budweiser commercial! Their newest ad titled “Wind Never Felt Better” focuses on the company’s commitment to using renewable energy to power its breweries, and USA Today reports that Budweiser will also be supplying some of its clean electricity to help power Super Bowl week. Maybe it’s Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”, the sweet look on the Dalmatians face, or just the simple return of the Clydesdales, but we have to admit that this commercial is giving us all the feels. Budweiser released a one-minute version and will be airing a 45-second version during the big game.


Pepsi has caused a bit of a stir with their Super Bowl advertisements around competitor’s Coca-Cola’s Atlanta hometown (well played, Pepsi) and they’re pulling out some big celebrities for this year’s commercials. Rapper Cardi B and Actor Steve Carell make appearances in the latest teasers dropped by Pepsi – and they’re both much safer bets than that Kendall Jenner commercial we all remember. PepsiCo is also expected to be releasing advertisements for Doritos and Bubly, its newer sparkling water product, which will all receive 30-second spots.

Check out Cardi B and Steve Carell's teasers here (via Ad Age)


The dating/networking app is going big with their first Super Bowl commercial by featuring tennis star Serena Williams. The ad titled “The Ball is in Her Court” celebrates women making the first move “in life, in love, in business” and debuts the company’s year-long marketing campaign with the athlete.

Burger King

After a 12-year hiatus the fast-food company is partnering with the delivery service DoorDash for a 45-second commercial airing in the fourth quarter. The 30-second teaser highlights their Mystery Box promotion where customers receive a Mystery Box with orders over $10 via DoorDash, and no delivery fees through February 4th. The biggest mystery to me? People who do not find the Burger King King creepy.


A very frustrated Christina Applegate can be seen trying to get into her locked car in M&M’s 15-second teaser. The full 30-second commercial is expected to air during the first commercial break after kickoff, and we can only imagine who is on the other side of the locked car door.  


Even from our short recap, it’s obvious that many brands are partnering with big-time celebrities to grab consumers’ attention during their short ads. Kia decided to go a different route by taking the money that wouldgo towards a celebrity partnership and funding The Great Unknown Scholarship, which aims to helping young people in need receive a higher education. The 30-second teaser aired during the NFC Championship Game, and challenges viewers to think about how the big bucks spent to pay celebrities during the Super Bowl commercials could be put to better use. It’s a drastic change for the automobile company who used celebrities like Melissa McCarthy, Steven Tyler, and Christopher Walken in their ads the last couple of years.

Other commercials you can watch out for include:

  • Hyundai plans to air a 60-second commercial featuring actor Jason Bateman during the first quarter
  • P&G’s brand Olay will be airing its first commercial starring Sarah Michelle Gellar in the first quarter. The 30-second ad is aimed to appeal to female fans, which the brand feels are too often neglected by Super Bowl advertisers.
  • Verizon Wireless plans to make you cry during their commercial, which will feature 12 NFL starts that experienced life-altering situations and the first responders who saved them.
  • Planter’s is back after more than a decade Super Bowl hiatus with a 30-second spot that will air during the second quarter. 

With this year’s commercials already bringing out some big names and creativity, you may want to take your bathroom break during the game instead. And for a more in-depth look at this year’s advertisements, make sure you check back on our blog after the game where we’ll be recapping all the commercials that aired!