The Omnichoice Consumer

New familiarity across retail channels has consumers free to choose.

Faced with the shortages and the unknown, consumers were forced to try new brands, new retailers, and find a new normal. Meet the Omnichoice Consumer: one with a fresh familiarity with stores and brands, this consumer has never been more empowered to choose. Read here to better understand them. In order to help you better understand changing consumer behavior and share this knowledge throughout your organization, we are continuing to publish research normally reserved for clients for public consumption. 

Find out: where (and how) consumers are spending, which consumers are shifting the fastest, whether or not consumers are likely to stay loyal to these new channels and how much time we have fast-forwarded into the future as we dig into understanding the Omnichoice Consumer.

Omnichoice Insights

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Click and Collect

Who’s trying? Who’s buying? And who is likely to stick?

As consumers stay close to home and avoid crowds, they continue to try Click and Collect despite preferring physical stores. Consumers have embraced this convenient new channel so quickly that Click and Collect sales spiked 63% during COVID-19.

Download this exclusive report to find out more about the switch to Click and Collect and how likely it is to stay as consumers settle into a “new normal."



eCommerce Acceleration Index

If COVID-19 was an accelerant of consumer behaviors, brands need to understand the rate of acceleration for specific categories and how that will change over time.

For the first time, find out how quickly each of 14 FMCG categories fast-forwarded in just the first 10 weeks of COVID-19. This new research is essential for 2H20 inventory and marketing planning and will address:

  • How has purchasing behavior been changing when households started buying a category online?
  • Has the historical pattern of online adoption increased (accelerated) since the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • What are the future implications of any changes observed since COVID-19?
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