A Primer on Numerator

Why the name change?


The change reflects the company’s commitment to delivering a full market view, including both path and purchase across online and offline sales, that enables clients to better connect with consumers and grow their business. By better combining the power of the InfoScout OmniPanel, which captures more than a million brick and mortar and ecommerce purchase receipts annually, and the advertising (formerly Competitrack), promotion (formerly FeatureVision), pricing and digital shelf messaging that influence the path to purchase, Numerator is now uniquely able to identify what people buy, and the reasons why.


Why the name “Numerator?”


Numerator is the combined entity formed when we brought together about a dozen companies in total, with some of the biggest being the legacy Market Track promotion intelligence business (sometimes known as FeatureVision), the Competitrack advertising intelligence business, the 360pi ecommerce pricing intelligence business, and the InfoScout purchase panel.

Our primary goal is to help companies increase their top line – which is literally what a numerator is, the number above the line in a fraction.

The name Numerator also is a play on the word enumerate, meaning to count or explain things.  We work with companies to explain things, with numbers.

Plus, like all names, we just like it!   But what’s important isn’t the name itself, it’s how we use the integrated company to help you make better decisions.


Will my day-to-day contact(s) change?


No.  Though your day-to-day contacts do periodically change, depending on your contract or personnel changes, your day-to-day contacts will not change as a direct result of rebranding the company as Numerator.


Do any of my services or subscriptions change?


No.  Though our service offering is always evolving, nothing about your subscription will change as a direct result of rebranding the company as Numerator.


Will the login change for my current subscription(s)?


Though the logins for your current subscriptions should now feature the brand Numerator, the process for logging into your subscriptions does not change.  Over the course of the next three months, the URLs for your logins will migrate to a Numerator.com address, but you should always be automatically redirected to the new login page if you’ve bookmarked an older location.  And if you ever need to know where to sign in, you can find links to all our login pages here.


What happened to the old solution names I’m used to?


We’ve evolved the way we name our products and services, to be more prescriptive in terms of the business issues you are trying to address.  As a result, over time we are sunsetting most of the legacy names for our platforms and data sets.  In the short term, you may see a notation about the legacy name, either on a platform or in communication, to help with the transition.  Recognizing this will be a shift in the immediate term, over time the goal is to create an offer that’s more intuitive for our clients.


When it comes time to renew my contract, will I still have access to the same solutions I receive today?


Yes, you will have access to the same solutions you’ve come to rely on, though they may have a different name.  Though we do periodically make modifications to our solutions, they are not changing as a direct result of rebranding the company as Numerator. Instead, you should expect an expanded solution set to be available as part of the renewal conversation.


What can I expect the future to hold for Numerator?


This integration allows Numerator to more quickly work toward providing an integrated platform where clients can access all their business intelligence in one place, and to introduce new solutions that integrate multiple data sets and reveal both marketplace activity and the sales outcomes generated.  These types of integrated innovations are being prioritized in the product development funnel, and we look forward to sharing them with you.


How can I learn more about your new solutions?


Contact your current Numerator representative, or feel free to get in touch via the website.