Daily Data Updates

Numerator's data updates daily, so you can monitor changing behaviors and sentiments on demand, with or without consultant guidance.

Omnichannel and Omniproduct

Numerator Insights™ merges individuals' physical store receipts with their online e-receipts to capture purchases of all product categories across all channels.

Segmentation Flexibility

Configure custom shopper groups based on any combination of demographics, custom surveyed attributes, and actual purchase behaviors.

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People, Not Panelists

We know more about shoppers and what they buy. If you're looking for on-demand, true omnichannel purchase data across all retailers, we've got you covered.

InfoScout OmniPanel™


Engaged Shoppers = More Complete Data

Gamified shopping rewards encourage real people to complete shopper surveys and snap pictures of every receipt they touch, both in-store and online.

  • Massive, representative panel
  • Omnichannel and omnicategory
  • Data updated every day
  • Customization on-demand
  • Behavior and attitudes combined

Legacy Panels


Passive Panelists = Spotty Data

Legacy consumer panelists scan items and enter prices one by one for pennies. This time-consuming task results in lower, less frequent participation.

  • Small panel, spotty data
  • Traditional grocery coverage
  • Long data lag times
  • Custom costs extra
  • What, but not why

Strength in (Our) Numbers


panelists uploading receipts


million shopping trips captured


retailers tracked


Get rapid consumer and shopper insights. Incoming receipts and triggered surveys are processed around the clock, making your data available when you need it.

  • Daily, not quarterly: Instantly assess the effectiveness of new product launches and marketing campaigns.

  • On-demand access: Eliminate the delays associated with traditional consultancy relationships, with access to your data 24/7/365.


By capturing significantly more shopping trips each day than any other consumer panel provider, the InfoScout OmniPanel provides statistically significant measures for the deeper insights that brands and retailers need most.

  • America's largest purchase panel: With over 400,000 users submitting their receipts through our suite of mobile apps, we help you better understand consumer behavior across all channels.

  • 13x more shopping trips: Seamless data collection results in more trips captured daily than legacy panels.

  • Omnichannel coverage: Capturing verified purchases from ~44,000 retailers, from receipt uploads, e-receipts or Amazon order history, our consumer panel provides a more complete view of today's shopper.


The InfoScout OmniPanel has greater channel coverage than legacy panels including: food, club, drug, mass, dollar and convenience stores; ecommerce (including Amazon); restaurants; apparel and department stores; electronics stores; and pet, home improvement, furniture, sporting goods and other specialty stores.

  • 360° purchase behavior: From ad exposure to first purchase to repeat purchase to consumption survey, understand the shopper along every step of their path to purchase.

  • Online and offline shopping: Analyze the brick-and-mortar and ecommerce purchase behavior for more than 400,000 shoppers, across thousands of retailers.

  • Psychographics: Our shopper profiles provide unparalleled opportunities for segmentation with over 350 psychographic attributes that provide insight into consumer attitudes, opinions, and interests. Learn More >


The InfoScout OmniPanel’s makeup mirrors U.S. Census data. All metrics are weighted and balanced to provide a projectable sample of American shopping behavior.

  • More balanced: Unlike legacy consumer panels, the InfoScout OmniPanel excels at engaging male Millennials, young mothers, high-income households and other traditionally hard-to-reach segments.

  • Diversely incented: By acquiring panelists through various channels, the InfoScout OmniPanel avoids attracting only one type of participant.

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