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Numerator's Quarterly 2021 Holiday Survey. To help brands, retailers and agencies inform their strategies for key holidays & events, we're surveying thousands of consumers on a quarterly basis to understand how they expect to celebrate— and shop for— upcoming 2021 holidays. Explore the interactive charts below for a high-level view of intended consumer celebration, shopping and spending habits for upcoming holidays or download the full report for a more in-depth analysis with additional views.

Upcoming Labor Day Overview

  • Expected COVID-19 impact on Labor Day plans doubled in the past two months: In June, 8% of consumers expected COVID to have a significant impact on Labor Day celebration plans, and that number jumped to 16% in August. Those expecting no impact from COVID fell from 44% in June to 38% in August.
  • Plans to celebrate Labor Day with family and friends dropped from 64% in June to 51% in August. Grilling and barbecuing also saw large declines, dropping from 64% earlier this year to 45% in our latest survey. All of these plans remain well below pre-pandemic levels.
  • Over 1 in 4 consumers plan to spend more this Labor Day. Despite celebration declines, 28% plan to spend more on their Labor Day festivities than they have in previous years, up slightly from 25% in June. 
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The Latest: 2021
Labor Day Report

For further insights and a more in-depth analysis on how consumers are thinking about Labor Day 2021, download the full report that includes:

  • How consumers plan to celebrate this Labor Day
  • How Labor Day plans have shifted since June
  • How plans differ based on COVID-19 vaccination status & US Region

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