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The Numerator Advertising Index

Numerator is now publishing a weekly Advertising Index to provide needed visibility to shifts that are occurring in media spend driven by the Coronavirus.

The Numerator Advertising Index leverages Numerator Ad Intel’s fast, complete and granular data to track media spend versus a year ago across media types and categories. This provides visibility into how categories are changing their overall spend and shifting their advertising dollars across media types with the spread of the Coronavirus and ensuing changes in consumer behavior. This report will be available during the duration of the outbreak only.

Online Video & Display advertising grows in week 40

  • The Online Video media type was led in ad spend by Progressive, Principal, Amazon and Samsung
  • The online display media type was led in ad spend by Amazon, State Farm, Progressive and Geico
coronavirus advertising index

Internet Related Services & General Insurance over-indexed in week 40

  • Retail category was led in ad spend by Amazon with the upcoming Prime Day which accounted for 49% of the categories ad spend
  • The General Insurance category had the largest growth in ad spend with online video that is led by Progressive, Principal and Allstate
coronavirus advertising index

The RX: Cancer category grew in most media types but particularly in Online Video advertising

  • The rise in RX: Cancer online video advertising was led by Merck
  • Internet Related Services ranked in the top-10 in overall ad spend also appear in the top growing categories year over year has increased by 1.1M in online video ad spend
coronavirus advertising index

While General Computer advertising is down YOY, their spend in Radio and Online Display has increased compared to this time a year ago

  • Online Display for General Computer category over-indexed due to increase in advertising from HP, Oracle, Microsoft and Citrix compared to this time a year ago
  • RX: Respiratory over-indexed in Online Display was led by Anoro Ellipta which accounted for 29% of the category’s ad spend
coronavirus advertising index

OTC: Pain Relief led in category for most growth in spend week to week

  • OTC: Pain Relief category increased spend in TV advertising where it was led by Voltaren, Advil, Aspercreme, and Icy Hot
  • Advertising in the Beverages: Water over indexed tremendously in Mobile where it was led by San Pellegrino which accounted for 86% of the category’s ad spend in the Mobile media type
coronavirus advertising index

Ad spend on COVID-19 themed advertising continues to shrink

  • Ad spend dedicated to COVID-19 themed messaging dropped dramatically for brands like Walmart, AT&T, and Lowe’s
coronavirus advertising index
coronavirus impact on advertising

The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Advertising Strategy

We’ve been tracking changes in print and online promotions and adjustments made in advertisers’ media spend and messaging. 

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