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The Numerator Advertising Index

Numerator is now publishing a weekly Advertising Index to provide needed visibility to shifts that are occurring in media spend driven by the Coronavirus.

The Numerator Advertising Index leverages Numerator Ad Intel’s fast, complete and granular data to track media spend versus a year ago across media types and categories. This provides visibility into how categories are changing their overall spend and shifting their advertising dollars across media types with the spread of the Coronavirus and ensuing changes in consumer behavior. This report will be available during the duration of the outbreak only.

Ad spend dips in week 31

  • Online Display advertising held steady while TV and Online Video ad spend was down compared to this time a year ago
  • Radio was the lone media type to show in growth in week 31 and was led by Metro, T-Mobile, and Geico in ad spend
coronavirus advertising index

The Retail category continues leading in overall ad spend

  • Wireless Communications ad spend is up from the previous week due to increases in ad spend by T-Mobile, Samsung, Metro and LG, but remains down compared to this time last year
  • The Auto: Model & Brand category was led in ad spend by Toyota, Subaru, and Chevrolet
coronavirus advertising index

RX: Pain Relief, Bedding & Bath, Coffee, and Subscription Video Services categories more than double their ad spend compared to this time a year ago

  • The Beverages: Coffee category was led in ad spend by Starbucks who’s advertisements focused on their at home products, and Lavazza who’s creative focused on brand image led all ads in spend amount
  • The Food: Desserts category is unique because its increase in ad spend didn’t come from TV, but rather a large increase in Online Video ad spend from Haagen-Dazs
coronavirus advertising index

With Restaurant Ad Spend down we have seen some brands try new media channels like Buffalo Wild Wings’ increased Online Display ads

  • The drop in Hotels & Resorts ad spend comes primarily from Marriott and Sandals
  • The Home & Garden: Major Appliances category is down year-over-year with noticeable decreases in ad spend from brands like Whirlpool, Dyson, and GE
coronavirus advertising index

The two leading advertisers in the RX: Skin Care category - Dupixent and Skyrizi, weren’t advertising at all this time last year

  • The Computers category is growing due to increased ad spend in Online Video and Mobile advertising and is led in ad spend by Google, IBM, Apple, and Samsung
  • The Advisory category was led in ad spend by VanGuard, Fisher, Invesco and Prudential
coronavirus advertising index

COVID-19 themed ads reach its lowest total ad spend since early April

  • The biggest decreases in COVID-19 themed advertising came from Amazon, IBM, Comcast, Honda, and Humira
coronavirus advertising index
coronavirus impact on advertising

The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Advertising Strategy

We’ve been tracking changes in print and online promotions and adjustments made in advertisers’ media spend and messaging. 

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