Better Brand Analysis

Feel confident that when you’re making a branding decision it’s being made for the right reasons and to the right effect. Numerator enables you to create a holistic view of the elements that influence brand selection and to more accurately gauge brand perceptions. Get started quickly with a custom brand analysis or subscribe for ongoing access to deeper insights.

Brand Profiling

Understand today’s consumers to influence tomorrow’s using brand intelligence from Numerator. Create comprehensive profiles of your brand buyers – including who they are, where and how they shop and what they buy – powered by the InfoScout OmniPanel™.

Brand Equity Surveys

Know if you are winning hearts and minds. Behaviorally targeted brand equity surveys both reveal how your brand is positioned versus competition and allow you to monitor changes in brand awareness and perception.

Event Analysis

Discover how shopping behavior impacts sales during and after an event. Event analysis provides a deeper understanding of whether a single promotion reached targeted shoppers, captured incremental buyers, or subsidized your loyal shoppers and why. 

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